Quintessentially British, Corkers Crisps are made from delicious ‘Naturalo’ (another naming invention from us) potatoes grown in the rich Fenland soil of Cambridgeshire, and are the inspiration of entrepreneurs Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham.

Stocked nationally in a variety of exquisite flavours. We're proud to mention we created the Corkers name and branding and even prouder that when launched at the Speciality Food Show in September 2010 the brand immediately secured listings in Harvey Nichols.

Corkers are now on sale nationwide including in Waitrose, on British Airways, Great Eastern Railways and Stenna Line. Proving that Britain really has got good taste.

Famously, Corkers Crisps are the first crisps snack to be launched into space and are Guinness World Record holders for the largest crisps bag!