Grab your yoga mat and get your lycra on because you're going to feel fitter just looking at this brand.

Formerly this physio and fitness equipment brand was held back by its orthopaedic brand attributes and its name – Physio Supplies. We liberated the brand from the Physio’s couch and took it for a workout.

We started with the name; ‘66’ being a healthy resting heart rate and FIT is self explanatory. We created a neutral brand colour palette and overlaid colours which helped consumers select the right product for their fitness level. We packaged the products in simple clean packaging with imagery which depicted ‘heat areas’ showing where the exercises would have greatest effect on the body.

As well as the product packaging design, adverts and photography we shot enough 360 video to make your head spin and then we adopted the lotus position for recovery.

Planning and executing a photoshoot, design, artwork and printer liaison for packaging of over 60 SKUs, all with production taking place with the client’s printer over in China is a walk in the park for us, or is that a gentle jog?